Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shawn Gilheeney

Location: Providence, RI
Space: Shawn Gilheeney's Studio
January 2012

Stepping inside of Gilheeney’s studio, we could see his appreciation for antique items. He is obviously a collector and someone who values both the handcrafted aspects that went into objects from previous decades and the fun in finding strange and kitschy pieces from times gone by. Playboy Bunny puzzles from the 70’s, a smattering of old toys that he’d re-pieced together, and a library ladder he crafted with skateboard wheels, all built the picture in his open and sunny studio on the outskirts of downtown Providence.

Gilheeney’s artwork reflects an interest in the man-made, within the context of nature and natural processes, like the decaying of a building being taken back into the earth. He mainly utilizes screen printing techniques, as well as a very cool technique called "etching by galvanic corrosion", which etches images onto metal. He also has worked with another artist as Plastic House, a duo who created a series of signage that had been manipulated to look worn and purposefully, nostalgically dated.

Gilheeney’s sign painting work, is his place to play with color and further exemplifies his appreciation in the man-made nature of craftsmanship from old world trades. Along the walls of his studio were his “Signs Signs”, a series of signs all reading “Signs”, which had us chuckling. Have a look at the following images to see some handcrafted goodness, including a switchblade bayonet gun... patent pending.

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