Monday, August 27, 2012

Studio Miners' Kenji Nakayama in Juxtapoz

Photo by Josh Falk

Our friend and talented Boston-based artist Kenji Nakayama was featured in the August issue of Juxtapoz magazine. We visited Kenji's studio back in October of last year, which you can have a look at here. Catching a glimpse into his process and watching his work grow over the last few years has been a privilege. The article, written by Caleb Neelon, a major force in the graffiti world who we also paid a visit to, tracked the journey that Kenji has taken, both geologically and psychologically from Japan to Boston, from engineer to artist (not to say that engineers aren't artists in their own right).

It has been fantastic to watch Kenji's career as an artist flourish and we can't help but grin to see him posing in the streets of Boston with his artist's kit donning a "Studio Miners" sticker on it. Way to go, Kenji!

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