Friday, November 11, 2011

Caleb Neelon

Location: Cambridge, MA
Space: Caleb Neelon's Studio
November 2011

If you don’t know who Caleb Neelon is, you’ve probably read one of his articles or books or thought to yourself, “I really need to read that” about something he’s authored. He’s written for Juxtapoz, Print and served as editor-at-large at Swindle and also co-authored The History of American Graffiti, Graffiti Brasil and Street World, all important works about the graffiti scene.

Caleb has carved out a life that includes what he loves and is naturally talented at, including traveling, art and writing. He started traveling at a young age, which gave him the chance to spread his art in a broader scope than most artists. He recognizes that if he had been relegated to one geographic area, things would have been a lot different for him and his career. A significant moment hit when he went to Brazil, where he met fellow graffiti writers and instantly had a shared interest that led to camaraderie. Funnily enough, today when Caleb returns to Brazil, he finds that his books are being read religiously amongst the graffiti community.

Caleb’s studio features a mix of his artwork as well as pieces from friends. He expressed that most of his art comes from trades and is usually from people he has met or is friends with, a testament to the reach his presence has in the graffiti world. Unabashed with his black book, Caleb’s art collection is clearly an extension of the art sharing within the community.

Enjoy a look at his studio space!

Caleb and Ferdinand

Look closely at the end of the bat.

Jordan Knight from NKOTB

Jordan Knight as graffiti artist Popeye in The History of American Graffiti

Greg Lamarche aka SP One

Os Gemeos

"Art Legos" - Caleb's ingenious and fun way of playing around with lettering - a bunch of shapes ready to be turned into his moniker, SONIK

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  1. I don't usually go for American flag art, but that's a great one.