Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fish McGill

Location: Boston,MA
Space: Fish McGill's studio space
September 2011

Fish McGill is no stranger to the Studio Miners and we like it that way. His enthusiasm and creativity is infectious, so there was no doubt in our minds that we had to pay a visit to his studio and share his talents with our audience. Getting an eyeful of Fish's brightly colored characters is addictive. He's a mover and a shaker and his artwork relays that to its viewers. It is no surprise that his studio space is filled with whimsical and witty creatures and a massive amount of both his art and other artists' creations. Fish works at Harmonix and is constantly involved in creative projects in his home of Boston. A graduate of MassArt, he often returns to his alma mater to add to their community through different projects like Robot Guts. Wiener dogs, robots and sexy ladies piled on a bike - Fish clearly gives his audience what they want!

Custom croquet set by Project SF



Custom Tea Boxes

Mitchell Kehe

This is apparently what Fish thought happened at the Boston Tea Party

Brain Butler

Fish, Hargo, Damion Silver

Old Studio SF sign

Enlarged restaurant menu

Custom Fish Mobile

Bike Details

Custom Planters

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