Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ted Rice's Skate Deck Collection

Location: Sevenply
Space: Vintage Skate Deck Collection
August 2011

This is Ted Rice, the owner of Sevenply, a skate and surf shop with two locations in Rhode Island. In the Westerly location, he's hung up his impressive vintage collection of skate decks. While shooting these photos, Ted was super busy, but he left us with some parting words about his collection: "It's not for sale!". After checking out these images, you'll know why.

Zoo York- Greg Lamarche Artist Board
Consolidated - Karma Tsocheff

Firm- Hand-drawn Graphic by Lance Mountian
Subliminal- Phil Frost Artist Series

Hosoi- Christian Hosoi
Lester- Lester Kasai

G&S- Billy Ruff
Schmitt Stix- Steve Douglas

G&S- Neil Blender
G&S- Neil Blender

Alva- Chris Cook
G&S- Bill Tocco

Powell- Ripper
Powell- Steve Caballero

Santa Cruz- Jeff Grosso
Shut- Assault Vehicle

?- Screaming Skull
Powell- Mike McGill

Madrid- Mike Smith
Schmitt Stix- Jeff Grosso

Alva- Craig Johnson
Santa Cruz- Slasher

Valterra- Ramp Champ
Vision- Mark Gonzales

Powell- Per Welinder
Powell- Kevin Harris

Santa Cruz- Corey O'brien
Toy Machine- Chad Muska

Krooked- Pat Duffy Guest
Krooked- Mike Giant Guest Artist
Krooked- Team

Krooked- Mark Gonzales
Krooked- Dan Drehobl
Flip- PJ Ladd


  1. That Chad Muska Toy Machine deck was my favorite deck I ever skated. Broke my heart when it snapped on me