Friday, September 23, 2011

Josie Morway & Jay Nutini

Location: Providence, RI
Space: Josie Morway & Jay Nutini's studio
September 2011

When Studio Miner EVOKER first saw Josie Morway’s work, it was from afar, through the windows of her studio in a building in Pawtucket, RI. He couldn’t resist getting a closer look, and although Josie wasn’t around, he managed to ask her studio mates if he could take a closer look. Blown away by her artwork, and knowing that the pool of artists based in the state is a small one, he discovered that they had several friends in common, including her now husband and equally talented counterpart, Jay Nutini. Fast forward to years later and the Studio Miners paid a visit to the couples’ shared studio space in Providence, RI. Their studio is bright and open but with a closer look, there are many little details that add to the character and charisma of this space and tell the story of these artists’ work. The space was previously a screen printing studio, so the floor was already covered in splattered paint spots when the two moved in, an inviting feeling for artists.

Josie’s work consists of large-scale realistic oil paintings of animals, sometimes mixed with elements of decadent human created interior spaces. In one painting she pointed out her use of a background taken from an image of the home of designer Yves St Laurent. The result is beautiful and ethereal while still creating a mild struggle between the animal and its surroundings. In addition to her paintings, Josie has a love for words which comes through in her skilled sign writing. This is where her talents collide with her husband’s. Jay has extensive experience in restoration work for hot rods and is now working customizing bikes, motorcycles, helmets and signs. The two are excited to collaborate together and are planning projects for the future.

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