Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Location: Boston, MA
Space: AntiDesigns
October 2011

Jay LaCouture, founder and now sole proprietor of AntiDesigns, a screen printing company based in Boston, MA, is as much about technical execution as he is about artistic value and creativity. His studio is peppered with the normal screen printing tools (except for Jay's fancy backlit sink), but when talking to him, it's easy to see that his brain is always ticking over, adding creative value to the screen printing field. AntiDesigns has a handful of Boston-based artists under their wing as t-shirt designers, including Nick Zaremba, Fish McGill and Josh Falk. Recently Jay's projects have included a large run of album sleeves for musician Arthur Russell aka Dinosaur L and a project with 3 other artists who collaboratively created a piece for a Boston art collective exhibition. Have a look below at Jay's studio, his art and some of the work he's screened for other artists.

Jay in action

Arthur Russell albums with a couple of EVOKER prints

Show poster for Fourth Wall Project. Weathered effect made using sawdust.

Backlit sink utilized to show off EVOKER's EVOKERMAIDEN screen

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation - Jay LaCouture

Screen of EVOKER's work from AntiDesigns' t-shirt line

Print from work Jay created for The Sketchbook Project (above image and next three images)

Nick Zaremba for AntiDesigns

EVOKER for AntiDesigns

EVOKER for AntiDesigns

Fish McGill for AntiDesigns

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