Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York Comic Con :: Part II

Location: NYC
Space: New York Comic Con
October 2011

NYCC gave us a place to reconnect with old friends and meet artists whose work we've sat back and admired for awhile now. The majority of our time was spent in The Cultyard where vinyl toys abounded and many of our friends from the art world congregated to catch up and do some signings and live painting. It was a pleasure to see what everyone has been working on and certainly inspiring as well.

MCA's Fleabaine coming in 2012 from Plastic City

MCA, Plastic City and Ryan Maguire

Shawnimals Plush 'Stache

EVOKER living out a childhood fantasy, perhaps?

Matt Siren at the myplasticheart booth

Skinner's look of self-disdain as he draws an unmentionable bit onto a custom figure by El Toro at the Art Whino booth

Angry Woebots and Jeremiah Ketner at the Art Whino booth


Cobra Command-Awesome

This amazingly was EVOKER's favorite costume, but neither of us were sure why.

MAD at the myplasticheart booth

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