Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tim Sullivan

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Space: Tim Sullivan's Studio/Recording Studio
October 2011

Tim Sullivan's art/dj name "Smut Villain" originated when he threw his real name into an anagram generator and that's what spit out. This is all too appropriate for Tim, a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously but is using this not too serious attitude to create art and music with talent and ease. Tim's studio is a playground and certainly a mine of awesome finds. As we dug through the space, we found hilarious records, a knitting book with Popeye based patterns and props from his job with World's Away, a production company that has worked on a plethora or commercials and even skits for SNL, including the Lonely Island's "I Just Had Sex" and "Jack Sparrow." A multi-talented guy, Tim also has deejayed for years, honing in his talents with the world famous Saloonatiks as well as local MC's, Kats and Domer, which you can check out on the web at Free Ice Cream. Enjoy a look into Tim's studio space.

Jeremy Derbyshire-Myles


Prop from Lonely Island video "Jack Sparrow" video

Board game created by Tim, Jeremy Derbyshire-Myles and EVOKER



Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish


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