Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Location: Lowell, MA
Space: Eyeformation's Studio
October 2011

Pulling up to Lowell, MA, we were pleasantly surprised by the city's motto, "Art is the Handmaid of Human Good". The community works hard to ensure its motto is kept alive, being the proud parent of the Western Avenue Studios, a bustling complex housing 143 artist studios. This is where our visit took us, to meet up with Frank Casazza, the artist behind Eyeformation. The name Eyeformation comes from Frank's enjoyment of creating ever-changing artwork, from digital work to painting to 3D figures. The Eyeformation space stood out from many of the other spaces we've visited because it serves both as a studio and boutique, carrying his artwork, apparel and toys. Eyeformation's bold lines and fun characters line the walls both inside and out of the space, beckoning the viewer to a fun-loving land, populated by smiling clouds, ice cream, mustached blobs and lush leaves. When we arrived, Frank was in the middle of designing a wrap to go around one of Lowell's buses. The bus won't be acting as a form of transportation for city dwellers but instead will house a rotating art collection and make appearances at events around Lowell. Amongst other projects, Eyeformation is in the thick of creating a DIY vinyl art toy based on one of his characters, a loveable, plump ice cream swirl. Have a look below for images of this upcoming DIY figure and of Eyeformation's other works in progress!

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