Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Opening Reception Recap

This past Friday marked the opening reception of the Hanna-Barbarians group show at mph. The gallery was packed from 6-9pm with a steady flow of artists, fans and those curious to view the cartoon menagerie. A big thank you to all of the participating artists and those who attended the opening. The show will be up at the gallery until May 17. To view and purchase the work online, go here. See more images from the opening on mph’s Flickr page.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Bigfoot

Bigfoot, designer of the Forest Warlord and Mountain Spirit figures, is bringing his artwork to the Hanna-Barbarians show opening this Friday, April 19 at myplasticheart from 6-9pm. This is a snippet of his artwork, which includes an impressive mix of his style and his cartoon influences. This piece is bonkers!

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Brian Butler

The opening of Hanna-Barbarians is almost here! This week is going to be packed with previews of some of the amazing work in this group show, opening this Friday, April 19 from 6-9pm. Below you’ll find a sneak peek of Brian Butler’s two pieces for this cartoon-inspired exhibition. Butler, a mini golf course expert and ridiculously talented artist, is the creative mind behind the half human, half ice cream hybrids, Ice Cream People, which were featured in a solo show at Kidrobot Miami in 2010. We are super happy to have his work in the show and think you’ll be too!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Preview: Eyeformation

Eyeformation, a MA-based artist who was recently the cover artist for Boston’s Weekly Dig and was also featured in the Boston Phoenix, is participating in our upcoming Hanna-Barbarians group show opening a week from today (April 19)! With his bold lines and bright colors, we’re super stoked to see his take on some of his favorite and most influential cartoon characters. Check out the Studio Miners’ studio visit with Eyeformation for a look into his world.

Sneak Peek for Hanna-Barbarians: Podgy Panda

Podgy Panda, a New Zealand artist now based in the UK, has created two pieces for the Hanna-Barbarians show, opening April 19. His works are entitled “Now” and “Nostalgia” and if you look at the images below, you should be able to figure out which one is which. Podgy Panda was a participating exhibitor in the recent ToyCon UK, where he had some top quality prints and toys available, including variations of the Podgonaut figure, his collaboration with Cris Rose. In addition to being a super talented artist, he was an easy fit for this show because you can often see influences of popular culture in his work, with his daily doodles series containing imagery from movies and tv shows. To see the full pieces, you’ll have to come out to the opening of this show this Friday night from 6 – 9pm! Hope to see you there!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Paul Shih

Paul Shih is one of the participating artists in our upcoming Hanna-Barbarians group show. Paul is submitting two pieces to the show, both featuring characters from one of his favorite cartoons interacting with his own characters. Here are some images of one of the pieces, with a certain dog I am sure many of you will recognize. The piece also has a cameo from Bevil, Paul’s devilish broccoli character. You may remember Sunshine Bevil from mph’s booth at last year’s NYCC. In addition to creating great 2D pieces of art, Paul has been self-producing his own toys for awhile now. His Sushi Kaiju figure was up for a Designer Toy Award last year for “Best Self Produced Toy”. There’s news that he’ll be releasing a new figure, Rottey, soon. More info. to come about that, but in the meantime, check out these work in progress shots!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Evoker

Evoker is one of the participating artists and the co-curator of our upcoming group show, Hanna-Barbarians, opening Friday, April 19 from 6 – 9pm. Evoker’s work is characterized by bold, clean lines and he often pays tribute to the popular culture from his childhood, with nods to imagery from skateboarding, comics and Saturday morning cartoons. Here are some process shots of his work for this show. Captain Caveman is pretty easy to spot, but can you figure out who is resting on his shoulder (hint: it is from a recent cartoon that is on-air now)? To see the finished painting, come to the opening next Friday, April 19 at mph!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Smut Villain

Smut Villain (aka Tim Sullivan) is one of the artists participating in the Hanna-Barbarians show opening on April 19 at mph. His work exudes the charm of vintage cartoons and this piece in particular references both Popeye and Don Martin of Mad Magazine fame. To see the entire work, make sure to attend the show’s opening on Friday, April 19 from 6 – 9pm at mph.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sneak Peek for Hanna-Barbarians: OBLVN

We announced our upcoming show, Hanna-Barbarians, yesterday, so now it is time to start rolling out the sneak previews! Today we’re featuring OBLVN’s work. This artist was a no-brainer choice for this show. With his iconic characters, and his use of classic cartoon references, OBLVN makes a perfect addition to Hanna-Barbarians. Here’s a sneak peek of his pieces in the show. You’ll have to come out to the opening on Friday, April 19 to see the full pieces.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hanna-Barbarians Group Show Opens April 19

On April 19 myplasticheart will celebrate the opening of Hanna-Barbarians, a group show featuring the work of over 20 artists from the U.S. and abroad. The show’s name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to its theme, with all artists creating pieces using elements from their favorite cartoons. This is a chance for these artists to showcase those cartoons that have influenced them throughout their careers, sometimes being critical elements in their development and interest in the arts. The show is curated by the Studio Miners, Evoker & Team Sweet, who find joy in documenting the wonderfully exciting world of artists, collectors and creatives of all kinds. This theme particularly appealed to the Studio Miners because in their travels and studio visits, they were always fascinated to see what imagery other artists surrounded themselves with to stimulate creativity.

The opening will take place on Friday, April 19 from 6 – 9pm and the show will run until May 17. In anticipation of the opening, we will feature several sneak peeks of art from the show on this blog. To sign up for our preview list contact
Participating Artists:
Abe Lincoln Jr.
Brian Butler
Chris RWK
Clams Rockefeller
Flying Fortress
George Lamontagne
Heidi Kenney
Paul Shih
Phil Lumban
Podgy Panda
Tim Sullivan

Opening night Friday, April 19
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Exhibition runs until May 17
210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sneak Peek for Hanna-Barbarians: Podgy Panda

Podgy Panda, a New Zealand artist now based in the UK, has created two pieces for the Hanna-Barbarians show opening April 19 at myplasticheart in NYC. His works are entitled "Now" and "Nostalgia" and if you look at the images below, you should be able to figure out which one is which. To see the full pieces, head to 210 Forsyth St. in NYC on April 19 from 6 - 9pm or if you can't make it to the show, pieces will be available for sale on mph's online store (availability dependent on those not sold on opening night). If you want to get a jump start, you can email to register for the myplasticheart preview list. We hope to see you at the show!