Thursday, July 25, 2013

Podgy Panda x MCA = Summer Fun

The Studio Miners had a very special guest visit this June. All the way from London-town on his way through to SDCC and then on to his home country New Zealand, Podgy Panda graced us with his talents and friendly, fun-loving demeanor. Podgy Panda, who just attended SDCC, signed at the Color Ink Book and Dragatomi booths, and participated in the Munky King Versus Battle, will have his first solo show in America at Dragatomi next year. This mover and shaker spent a few days with us, swimming, drawing, watching cartoons, hangin' with muppets and playing Beautiful Katamari. While visiting with us, we took him to MCA's studio and home, where we checked out his new work, drew with his creative kids and ate delicious peaches. Enjoy the following images from our super fun visit!

 Podgy at Monsters University

Podgy sketching a sticker design

It's Muppet Time!

 From left to right: Podgy Panda, EVOKER, MCA
Bottom Row: MCA's rad kids, Amelia & James

Podgy drawing with Amelia & James

Podgy's epic rendition of James as a werewolf, eating a hamburger, watching Adventure Time 

MCA's new work on broken skate decks

MCA's sketches for Hanna-Barbarians

MCA's sketches for Hanna-Barbarians

 MCA's Garfield Print

Final sticker design by EVOKER x Podgy Panda

Thanks to Podgy Panda and MCA for making our summer even better!