Friday, March 28, 2014

Two Fly - A Sneak Peek. Warning - This is a Total Spoiler

We've been busy this week setting up for our latest curation effort, Two Fly, opening today, Friday, March 28 from 6 - 9pm at OneWay Gallery Narragansett. The exhibition is a culmination of the work and artistic partnership of RI graffiti legends, SterbyRock and Swerve. The two artists, who also host a radio show on URI's radio station WRIU, know their way around the streets, but this show brings their work to the gallery's walls in an exhibition of an overwhelming amount of work, on records, 40 oz. bottles, stereos, and more. Come to the opening tonight and immerse yourself in the world of these two talented RI artists!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Luke Randall

Location: Saunderstown, RI
Space: Luke Randall's Studio
March 2014

We first saw Luke Randall's work at the opening reception of TechnoCraft at the Jamestown Arts Center. Without any prior knowledge of what Luke was like as a human or as an artist, we didn't know what to expect from his performance, but both were immediately drawn in by his engagement with the audience. He was having fun and it showed, and although you weren't sure whether you were watching a mad man or a genius, you liked it, whatever it or he was. After clacking the keys of a typewriter along to his poetry, he brought out the big guns. The lights went dim and a sheet was lifted to reveal the moth machine. Strobe lights shone and music droned along to the movement of a moth slowly circling over the crowd. Like moths to a flame (ba-dum-ching!) we were hooked into Luke's artwork and wanted to know more about this interesting man.

Fast forward two years later and here we are in his studio in Saunderstown, RI. 

With one look at this space, you can tell Luke is a true artist and craftsman, living a creative life as opposed to working as a creative person. His world is encased in learning and being open to trusting his ideas and acting on his artistic impulses. He's a decorative painter, a fine artist, an inventor, a leather craftsman, a lifelong student and so much more. If he doesn't know how to do something, he finds someone that does and he learns it. He sees art and creativity in everything - including past lives found in vintage polaroids in a dilapidated home or old bits of wood and glass in a defunct factory. He breathes art into life and life into forgotten worlds. He's a maker and a doer. He's absolutely inspiring and here is his eclectically-curated studio. Enjoy!