Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EVOKER @ OneWay Providence

We've been a bit off track lately here at Studio Miners, with computer viruses, the holidays and window painting taking up a lot of our time. So, we wanted to share the most exciting of those three things: EVOKER painting the windows at OneWay Gallery in RI. Here's a look at him bringing some holiday cheer to downtown Providence. We'll be back up tomorrow with a visit to Dana Woulfe's studio.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Winner!

We just drew the winner of the Studio Miners' Giveaway and are happy to announce it is Grace Song! Thank you to everyone who liked us on Facebook. We really appreciate it and will make sure to have more giveaways in the future!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pat Falco

Location: Boston, MA
Space: Pat Falco's Studio
November 2011

Pat Falco is not a douchebag, but even if we decided to call him one in this post, he'd probably not even care and end up just chuckling about it later. He's that rad of a guy and has a great sense of humor that shows in his artwork. We had the pleasure of meeting Pat at Lincoln Arts Project or LAP Gallery in Waltham, MA, a space he is co-running that has been generating some serious life in the art scene around the Boston area. We visited Pat in his studio at The Distillery in South Boston where we got to be amused time and time again by his work and ended up buying a painting for our own collection (and trust me, we are kind of cheap, so we don't buy a lot of anything). Pat is a graduate of MassART, where he played on the basketball team and studied illustration. His work often features historical figures, basketball players and witty phrases that will make you laugh. You can find his artwork adorning clothes in his brand, Pedro Romero, a name that often gets him street cred for being Hispanic when he is actually Italian. You can pay Pat a visit during open studios at The Distillery or at LAP (you'll know the building, it's the one with a Caleb Neelon and Katie Yamasaki mural on it). Enjoy the images below!

Pat holding up a trophy for being number one in life and art (trophy made by Falco)

A running comic strip Pat has been working on which you can check out on his blog

The painting we purchased

More butt art

Monday, November 21, 2011

Studio Miners' Giveaway!

In our travels, we've picked up some awesome shirts and stickers from the artists we've visited and we want to share the spoils! To enter the giveaway, find us on Facebook and like us. And if you already like us, you're automatically entered in the drawing. Giveaway pack includes everything pictured above: Tshirts from Ryan Maguire (small and medium), MCA (large), Fish & EVOKER (small) - all tees are dude sized - sorry, ladies! We also have a buttload of stickers in the pack, from Dance Party Massacre, Pat Falco, Antidesigns, EVOKER, Eyeformation and Studio Miners. Winner will be announced Friday Nov. 25th. Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dance Party Massacre

Location: Boston, MA
Space: Alex from Dance Party Massacre's Studio
November 2011

We visited with Alex Dakoulas a graphic designer for Converse and graduate of MassART who runs Dance Party Massacre, a clothing brand that mixes elements from horror movies with keen graphic design to create tongue-in-cheek pieces. Alex also calls on the talents of several other designers to create pieces for the DPM brand. 4 years ago, DPM was launched, fittingly on Halloween night. DPM's name conveys its playful edge, poking fun at campy horror films and pop icons with its witty slogans and imagery. Alex noted that the brand "is not about the killers, it's about the survivors," a line he has written on an inspiration wall in his studio. DPM is not meant to be morbid, but instead, by focusing on the survivors, it takes on a hopeful type of perspective.