Thursday, September 29, 2011

MCA's Studio :: Part I

Location: Westport, MA
Space: MCA's Studio Space
September 2011

The first phrase we uttered when walking into MCA’s studio space was “toy palace” and when you scroll through the photos you’ll find out why. Not only does he have a large collection, but it is also one of a knowledgeable collector, including early KAWS and James Jarvis pieces as well as pieces from Japanese designers like Pop Soda. There’s no wonder MCA would be knowledgeable about the designer toy world - he’s released over 70 toys so far with Hong Kong-based company, Toy2R, and a handful with other companies. MCA never seems to be at a loss when it comes to creating interesting characters. Being in a room where his toys and artwork line the walls might make you feel like you need to pinch yourself to see if you’re deep in a psychedelic dream where your friends are a pack of wizards and purple elephants.

Lucky for us (and for you!), MCA opened up his head and spilled the beans on a couple of upcoming projects he’s working on. Having started out making music zines back in the 90s, MCA is no stranger to rocking out with the best of them and when Roctober music magazine asked him to draw a cover featuring the likenesses of a plethora of music stars, he happily agreed. Out of the drawings we saw, Alvin and The Chipmunks and Joan Jett were amongst our favorites. MCA will also be cranking out some more tees with online store and gallery Neon Forest. We had a sneak peek at the characters and colorways and have to say they were impressive. Lastly, anyone who has been following MCA’s blog will be familiar with Fleabaines, the Magical Mountain Man (and of course his evil, bizzaro alter-ego Bainefleas). Keep an eye out for Fleabaines along with MCA at NYCC at the Plastic City booth in October! Stay tuned for Part II which will feature more images of MCA’s studio as well as more information about the projects he’s been working on!

We asked MCA to choose which picture he liked best for the intro and amazingly this is the one he picked.

MCA works as a gravestone cutter, a trade he learned from his grandfather, and incorporates this skill into his artwork.

MCA's amazingly creative and fun kids (Amelia is holding up a tshirt she designed and screenprinted)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Location: Portland, ME
Space: Pulled : A Catalog of Screen Printing @ Space Gallery
September 2011

Brooklyn-based author and artist Mike Perry strikes again with another fantastic book he's curated with the work of a plethora of talented artists. You might be familiar with Mike's other books, including Hand Job : A Catalog of Type (one of our favorites), which features typography from 50 designers, illustrators, and typographers, who integrate hand-drawn type into their work. On our recent trip to Portland, ME, we happily and funnily enough accidentally walked into Space Gallery to find the Pulled exhibition on the walls. This isn't the normal post we'd do on Studio Miners, but we were really impressed by the body of work and had to share some of our favorite prints. Enjoy!

Andy Smith

Steven Harrington


Andy Mueller

Steven Harrington


Nathaniel Russell

Friday, September 23, 2011

Josie Morway & Jay Nutini

Location: Providence, RI
Space: Josie Morway & Jay Nutini's studio
September 2011

When Studio Miner EVOKER first saw Josie Morway’s work, it was from afar, through the windows of her studio in a building in Pawtucket, RI. He couldn’t resist getting a closer look, and although Josie wasn’t around, he managed to ask her studio mates if he could take a closer look. Blown away by her artwork, and knowing that the pool of artists based in the state is a small one, he discovered that they had several friends in common, including her now husband and equally talented counterpart, Jay Nutini. Fast forward to years later and the Studio Miners paid a visit to the couples’ shared studio space in Providence, RI. Their studio is bright and open but with a closer look, there are many little details that add to the character and charisma of this space and tell the story of these artists’ work. The space was previously a screen printing studio, so the floor was already covered in splattered paint spots when the two moved in, an inviting feeling for artists.

Josie’s work consists of large-scale realistic oil paintings of animals, sometimes mixed with elements of decadent human created interior spaces. In one painting she pointed out her use of a background taken from an image of the home of designer Yves St Laurent. The result is beautiful and ethereal while still creating a mild struggle between the animal and its surroundings. In addition to her paintings, Josie has a love for words which comes through in her skilled sign writing. This is where her talents collide with her husband’s. Jay has extensive experience in restoration work for hot rods and is now working customizing bikes, motorcycles, helmets and signs. The two are excited to collaborate together and are planning projects for the future.