Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jim Houser at Jonathan Levine Gallery NYC


On a recent trip to NYC for our opening of Hanna-Barbarians at myplasticheart, the Studio Miners teamed up with Clams Rockefeller in our ritual NYC gallery walk. We always make a point to visit Jonathan Levine gallery, which is currently exhibiting a Jim Houser solo show. We are big fans of Jim Houser's work and have been for quite some time, so it was inspiring and exciting to see this work in person. On a few of the pieces, Houser creates a patchwork of small paintings that he then combines to make a larger collage. The result is a mixed up narrative of Houser's world and it's pretty fantastic. Oh yeah, there are a lot of skateboard ramps in his paintings too, so that's a bonus.

Sorry we slacked on posting this, but the last day to see the exhibit is today, May 4, so get out there and go see it!