Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thrashin' Exhibit Opening Recap

This past Saturday, April 11, marked our fourth annul show at myplasticheart and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results! A huge thank you goes out to the gallery, all of the participating artists, and everyone who came out in support. This year, the theme is inspired by 80s skate graphics, since, in our travels, we so often run into beloved collections of old skate decks.

If you missed the opening, don't fret, the show is up in the gallery until May 9. You can also view and purchase work from the show online.

toy store & gallery

210 Forsyth St.

New York NY 10002


 Evoker with his work, METALHEAD, Tribute to Pushead Zorlac
with handmade wooden frame by the artist

Smut Villain with his work, DWS Hover Designs (top) with Phil Lumbang's Hug Life

MSG and his work, All Wound Up - Tribute to Natas Kitten Deck (top right)

Evoker and Chris RWK

Down With The Ship by Jake Hope (SOLD)

Jeger Viking Skallen! by Mr. Walters

Zorlac Pirate Pushead Tribute by Michael Hsiung

Baby Slasher by Podgy Panda (SOLD)

Skate or Die Trying by Chris RWK

Suburban Violence by Abe Lincoln Jr.

Intergalactic Skate Guru by Brian Butler

Natas Airlines by Ekiem (SOLD)

Photos from myplasticheart, Evoker, and Les NYC

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thrashin’ Preview :: Phil Lumbang

Next up on the preview list for Thrashin’ is Phil Lumbang’s work, entitled “Hug Life”. This work draws inspiration from Jim Phillips’ work for Santa Cruz, specifically the infamous Rob Roskopp decks.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thrashin’ Preview :: Jake Hope

The opening of Thrashin’ is less than two weeks away, and as the date gets closer, we’ll be featuring some of the participating artists here on the blog! To kick this off right, we’re starting with newcomer to mph exhibits, Jake Hope, who has graciously supplied us with a super fun gif of his artwork in progress. The work, inspired by Powell Peralata and Santa Cruz, is entitled “Down with the Ship”.