Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monster Party 2014 Recap

The opening of Monster Party was more than we could have hoped for! Kids were running all around the exhibit space, interacting with the installations, searching for monsters, having their faces painted, choosing designs for their screen printed tote bags, creating their own monsters in the art studio, and being drawn as monsters by our caricature artists. Thank you to all of the artists, the Boston Children's Museum staff, our families and friends, and everyone who has and will attend this exhibit. We could have not made this happen without the hard work of so many wonderful people! The exhibit is up for awhile (Dec. 6 is the last day!), so you have time to check it out if you haven't yet. Friday nights, admission is only $1 - so it makes for a great night out for kids and adults too! Come play and celebrate all things monster this fall!

We asked, "What monsters are hiding inside of this cave?!" Mural by Evoker and Tim Sullivan.

Make a monster felt board

Caricatures by Antonio from the museum and Fish McGill

Making monsters in the art studio

Monster caricatures by Fish McGill

Face painting guide

Monster bean bag toss

Jay of AntiDesigns screen printing totes and pillow cases - Designs by Evoker and Etips

Fish McGill with his drawing of "Boogie Babe"

Posing with "It Came from the Charles!"

Art studio projects

The Studio Miners

Alice Vogler of the Boston Children's Museum with the Studio Miners posing in front of "Hallowed Halitosis" by !ND!V!DUALS Collective

Outside of the museum at the end of the night

Friday, October 3, 2014

Monster Party Opening :: Friday, October 3, 6 - 8pm

It's finally here! The opening of Monster Party 2014 is here! Today, Friday, October 3 from 6 - 8pm, we'll celebrate the opening of our biggest Monster Party yet, with screen printing by AntiDesigns on tote bags and pillow cases (for those of you who love that old school type of trick-or-treating), face painting by Tofu Squirrel and Kristilyn of Zombie Romance, and monster caricatures by Fish McGill. So, join us at the Boston Children's Museum for this memorable night! As an added bonus, it's only $1 to attend and reap the benefits of monster mayhem!