Monday, October 31, 2011

The Big Nazo

Location: Providence, RI
Space: The Big Nazo Lab
October 2011

The Big Nazo Lab is an unexpected but completely fascinating place that exists nestled deep within downtown Providence. It is a unique space that serves as both funhouse and creature workshop. Those who make up The Big Nazo are equally artists as they are performers and entertainers, building characters and then taking their creations to the streets and performances worldwide. They have walked in parades, played and danced at rock concerts and mingled at festivals.

The most exciting part about the space is that it feels alive, not only because there are a plethora of foam eyes staring back at you the minute you walk in, but because the space is worked in daily. We spoke to Conor Landenberger, a talented sculptor, illustrator and foam fabricator who works at The Big Nazo. After studying sculpture at Wheaton College, he found himself working at the Lab, where his skills as a sculptor were enhanced by having to create pieces that were wearable too.

Because the studio is downtown, it has drawn in curious people from all walks of life. Landenberger explained that everyone from Debbie Harry to a former president has been drawn in by the massive front windows, proudly displaying prior projects. He expressed that he feeds off of the creative energy coming into the space and thrives on sharing ideas with other people, from the homeless to engineers to rock stars. Enjoy the images we captured of such a captivating space.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Nazo Lab Preview

Walking through downtown Providence, RI, there are a lot of weird and cool things to look at, but we can say hands down that The Big Nazo Lab, HQ to a performance group who creates brilliant and bizarre puppets, is by far the coolest and most wonderfully weird spot. Check out the images below of the outside of the building. If you think that the windows look cool, just wait for the full post!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York Comic Con :: Part II

Location: NYC
Space: New York Comic Con
October 2011

NYCC gave us a place to reconnect with old friends and meet artists whose work we've sat back and admired for awhile now. The majority of our time was spent in The Cultyard where vinyl toys abounded and many of our friends from the art world congregated to catch up and do some signings and live painting. It was a pleasure to see what everyone has been working on and certainly inspiring as well.

MCA's Fleabaine coming in 2012 from Plastic City

MCA, Plastic City and Ryan Maguire

Shawnimals Plush 'Stache

EVOKER living out a childhood fantasy, perhaps?

Matt Siren at the myplasticheart booth

Skinner's look of self-disdain as he draws an unmentionable bit onto a custom figure by El Toro at the Art Whino booth

Angry Woebots and Jeremiah Ketner at the Art Whino booth


Cobra Command-Awesome

This amazingly was EVOKER's favorite costume, but neither of us were sure why.

MAD at the myplasticheart booth

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York Comic Con :: Part I

Location: NYC
Space: New York Comic Con
October 2011

Following a pack of giddy girls dressed in Sailor Moon-esque costumes, we found ourselves in the thick of a twisting line out front of the Javits Center, which hosted NYCC. The great thing about the line was that it served as a sort of freaky fashion show, complete with anime and video game inspired costumes, as well as some niche costumes we were too afraid to even fathom. Inside the convention center, it was jam packed, with the rumor spreading around that nearly 100,000 people, elves, witches, vampires and God only knows what else were in attendance. The experience was overwhelming as well as entirely exciting. It was hard to wipe a grin off of our faces all day (except for when we paid $20 for vegetarian sushi for lunch). Here is Part I of our wacky day. Stay tuned for Part II!

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you about to rip my face off?

This poor dude was so hot in that costume his sweat leaked through his fur.

Becky Dreistadt of Tiny Kitten Teeth, showing off a prototype of her new toy

Frank Gibson of Tiny Kitten Teeth with Team Sweet

Simone Legno aka tokidoki

Lamour Supreme live painting at the Art Whino booth in The Cultyard

Tara McPherson's "Lilutu" for Kidrobot Black

Super7's toy smörgåsbord

Candy Kaiju is so good it eats itself.