Thursday, August 25, 2011

Andy Foltz

Location: Morrisville, NC
Space: Artist's Studio
July 2011

Andy Foltz, a North Carolina-based artist, brings a certain charm, curiosity and humor into his work. His paintings always have a story to tell or a semi-obscure reference to make. From the Saurian apocalypse to “Don Piano”-spouting cats, each piece of art is intriguing. As you become familiar with his work, you might notice reoccurring characters, which draws his audience closer into the stories he tells. We once compared some of his work to Todd Schorr's in that his large scale paintings include details upon details, telling separate stories that form one cohesive piece.

Enjoy a look into Andy’s studio and keep an eye out for his work as it's been getting noticed more lately. He was just featured in the iam8bit show in LA!

One of Andy’s co-workers at Red Storm (who doesn’t spend much time drawing) created a series of drawings which Andy then interpreted and painted. The results are hilarious.
(Above & Below)

Somali pirates

A depiction of Andy’s dopey, happy-go-lucky cat. He's just super stoked to see that bird.

Painted after an eventful car ride home with family members

A Halloween costume Andy made from a previous year

A piece featuring one of Andy's vintage, ornate frames. A lot of his work can be found in frames like this one.

Look familiar? This creature inspired the Halloween costume shown several photos above.

Andy and Team Sweet

Andy's also a musician.

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  1. The coolest. Great work and imagination. Congratulations