Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dana Woulfe

Location: Boston, MA
Space: Dana Woulfe's Studio
November 2011

Dana Woulfe, an artist and designer for Converse originally from RI, has created a prominent career for himself in Boston where he now resides. His color palette is impeccable. Every time we see a new work from him, we can't help but want to jot down his color choices to use for our own. His recent work has become more abstract, yet his colors and shapes reflect his keen design skills and deliver a full and rich painting every time. Recently he has teamed up with fellow artist, Metal Wing, to create a monstrous force, MetalWoulfe, who have collaborated on large scale murals. We were fortunate enough to catch them in Boston working on a mural at The Distillery. It had the rough metal-looking edges of a transformer somehow mixed perfectly with the heavenly bursts of the solar system. We grabbed photos of this and more, so check them out below and make sure to check out MetalWoulfe at Art Basel.

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