Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Funspot :: Part I

Location: Laconia. NH
Space: Funspot
August 2012

There is a place in New Hampshire; This place is called Funspot and it claims to be the largest arcade in the WORLD. We can't attest to that, but we can swear to you that it is indeed a spot for fun, one in which you can eat nachos on top of pizza, play vintage arcade games and air hockey and skeeball and then top it all off with a heap of tickets to win yourself a take home prize (when I say "win" I mean "spend $20 on").

We take a trip up there at least once a year and last Friday marked the big day. In addition to playing the arcade games, we geek out on the old school artwork and find the experience altogether inspiring and ridiculously exciting.

Worst fun house ever

One of the arcade machines from The King of Kong

Stay tuned for Part II of our visit to Funspot!

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