Sunday, December 1, 2013

RICC 2013

The Studio Miners are geeks. We get super into what we're into, niches that include toys, monsters, cartoons, and vintage salt and pepper shakers, so when we are allowed to attend an event that celebrates this kind of behavior - we're there. Over the weekend of November 2 and 3, Rhode Island Comic Con took over the RI Convention Center in Providence. Costumed goodies and baddies, sort-of celebs, fans, and artists all gathered in one spot to celebrate their geek-ness. Highlights of the day included seeing Johnny from the Karate Kid, a stellar Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, Team Sweet being hit on by Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's, and our friend, Fletch, sweating profusely when meeting his dream girl, Catherine Mary Stewart (Weekend at Bernie's and Night of the Comet). The con will be back next year, and with the look of this year compared to last, the event will continue to gain steam through vendors and enthusiastic attendees.

Fletcher & Bernie

Enjoying our time with the Rancor

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