Monday, October 31, 2011

The Big Nazo

Location: Providence, RI
Space: The Big Nazo Lab
October 2011

The Big Nazo Lab is an unexpected but completely fascinating place that exists nestled deep within downtown Providence. It is a unique space that serves as both funhouse and creature workshop. Those who make up The Big Nazo are equally artists as they are performers and entertainers, building characters and then taking their creations to the streets and performances worldwide. They have walked in parades, played and danced at rock concerts and mingled at festivals.

The most exciting part about the space is that it feels alive, not only because there are a plethora of foam eyes staring back at you the minute you walk in, but because the space is worked in daily. We spoke to Conor Landenberger, a talented sculptor, illustrator and foam fabricator who works at The Big Nazo. After studying sculpture at Wheaton College, he found himself working at the Lab, where his skills as a sculptor were enhanced by having to create pieces that were wearable too.

Because the studio is downtown, it has drawn in curious people from all walks of life. Landenberger explained that everyone from Debbie Harry to a former president has been drawn in by the massive front windows, proudly displaying prior projects. He expressed that he feeds off of the creative energy coming into the space and thrives on sharing ideas with other people, from the homeless to engineers to rock stars. Enjoy the images we captured of such a captivating space.

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