Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kenji Nakayama

Location: Boston, MA
Space: Kenji Nakayama's Studio
October 2011

Artist and sign painter Kenji Nakayama posseses a wit and technical skill that can only come from an artist who once studied mechanical engineering. Making the drastic change from engineer to artist occurred when Kenji relocated from Japan to Boston, MA to study traditional sign painting at Butera School of Art. Spending time in his shared studio space (shared with fellow Project SF-er, Dana Woulfe) allowed us to get a feel for the intricate process that goes into his signs and stencil work. He rarely produces stencil pieces these days, which is understandable since each piece is multi-layered, including upwards of 8 stencil layers. Kenji's affinity for found or antique objects was evident in the random pieces of furniture and other objects around the studio, including a chair he painted "Old Fart" on (this is a good example of the mischievous wit we love about him), two antique saws and an antique drill. Because of the skill and hand crafted nature behind his work, everything in Kenji's studio has a certain special, memorable quality to it. Keep an eye on Kenji and if you're in NYC, check out his work with Woodward Gallery.

Piece with Dana Woulfe

A stencil layer