Friday, April 15, 2016

Studio Gold Zine

As part of our upcoming exhibition, Studio Gold, at myplasticheart in NYC (April 16 - May 14) we are releasing a zine of the same name. The zine features the spaces, collections, and objects from Studio Gold exhibiting artists. With over 20 artists included and 11 stickers to sweeten the deal, we are happy to have these available for $10 at myplasticheart and in Evoker's web store. We are constantly fascinated with the studio spaces that artists work in and we think you will be too.

With images from: Chris Austin, Maret Bondorew, Brian Butler, Bwana Spoons, Dave the Chimp, Chris RWK, Mathew Curran, Evoker, Flying Fortress, Ekiem, Kew Grey, Mike Guerrero, Michael C. Hsiung, Aya Kakeda, Kano, Peter Kato, MCA, OBLVN, Podgy Panda, Lou Pimentel, Clams Rockefeller, Smut Villain, Tougui, and Mr. Walters

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