Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Studio Gold Recap

Studio Gold has officially opened! We reveled in the amazing artwork of this exhibit with friends, participating artists, and art fans at myplasticheart on Friday, April 16 at the opening reception in NYC. For this exhibit, we loosened up the theme, asking artists to create anything as long as it encompasses a 12" x 12" space, and they all stepped up with solid work across the board. Artwork is available for sale on the mph website and in the gallery at 210 Forsyth St. in NYC. Evoker and mph are also selling the Studio Gold zine, which features most of the artists' studio spaces. The exhibit runs through May 14, so there is still plenty of time to view it in person.

Clockwise (starting at top left): Evoker, Tougui, Flying Fortress,
Michael C. Hsiung, Smut Villain, Brian Butler

Top Row (Left to Right): Chula, Dave the Chimp, Mathew Curran, MCA, Kev Grey, Chris RWK, Middle Row (Left to Right): Maret Bondorew, Philip Lumbang/kaNO, Aya Kakeda, Lou Pimentel, Chris Austin, Mr. Walters
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Podgy Panda, Bwana Spoons, Peter Kato, Clams Rockefeller, Ekiem, Mike Guerrero

Artwork on left wall (top to bottom): Betso, OBLVN

Jeffrey Bondorew and Maret Bondorew (participating artist)

Smut Villain (participating artist), Baby Maggie, Johanna Sullivan

Marshall Peschell and Jess (half of Studio Miners)

Tara and Baby Gray (photo bomb by Chris)

Chris, Dave, and Clams Rockefeller (participating artist)

Chris RWK (participating artist) and Evoker (participating artist and half of Studio Miners)

Katz enjoying the show

Vin (co-owner of mph), Jess, Peter Kato (participating artist)

Michael C. Hsiung



Mr. Walters


Maret Bondorew (sold)


Smut Villain

Bwana Spoons

Philip Lumbang/kaNO (sold)

Not all artwork is pictured here in detail, so visit this page to view the full exhibit and purchase work!

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