Sunday, August 7, 2016

Molly Bosley

Location: Charlotte, VT
Space: Molly Bosley's Studio
July 2016

Our latest studio visit found us cruising in the summer heat listening to Arcade Fire as we traveled north to Vermont for a long weekend. Charlotte (pronounced Shar-Lot) is about a 20 minute drive to the city of Burlington, and where we found ourselves painted in the perfect picture of country-side living. Waterfalls, meandering paths, rocky lake shores, open fields, farm land, and more stars than we've ever seen in the night sky - this is the backdrop to Molly Bosley's studio space - an eclectic and visually stimulating landscape that inspires the artistic life of this phenomenal artist.

Being friends with Molly for several years now, we've watched her work develop, and her artistic endeavors expand, as well as the size of her gorgeous and intricate papercuts, which now often sprawl halfway across a wall. On any given day, you'll find Molly working in her home studio on various artistic endeavors, including her papercuts, collages, layered illustrations, embroidery, jewelry, and vintage clothing brand. She also creates functional pottery pieces, like bowls, planters, and mugs in a local ceramics studio. The best part of all is that not only does she do all of these things - she does all of these things well, injecting her wit and eye for beauty into each piece. Molly's work often references history and vintage imagery, inducing a nostalgia and eeriness all in one work, something you can't help but admire and be intrigued by. You'll see this especially in her collages, illustrations, and papercuts.

Molly's work has exhibited across the USA. In January 2017, she will be showcasing her artwork at the Metro Gallery at Burlington City Arts in VT. You can find Molly's vintage clothing line and her pottery for purchase at Found and Feral. Her handmade jewelry is available for sale at Found and Feral Handmade.


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